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This is the path from the purgatory of a dumpster to a new life.

In the first stage, a truck brake air tank lies in the dumpster, waiting for me to find it.  I picked it out of the dumpster. Now comes the cleaning process.  After the cleaning, it got the legs, and the primary form emerge from the rotten object. Finally, the industrial coating comes with the signature painting (DROPSPOT ) of the exterior. The finishing touch is sustainable packaging.

The recycling of garbage truck parts is the story of the Exhaust light

This slideshow shows how an object can be reborn after a demeaning life.

How it can rise above, leave the toxic relationship and dirt behind and shine the light around. After cleaning and manufacturing the basic forms and parts (truck exhaust, brake disc, wheel hub) I assembled them. The floor light rotates around its vertical axis. The housing of the dimmer switch required precise work.
Finally, it got a paint finish with my dropspot technique

The afterlife of a steel pipe

The next few pictures show the tale of a decommissioned pipe lying on a construction site. The pipe has so far become three bowls, but the spiral pair is still to come. There was a thick weld at the end of the pipe, I cut it here with a plasma cutter. This last little piece became a lamp.

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