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The PIPE LINE series

This series of bowls were made of repurposed materials. The main bodies once were pipe sections and pipe fittings. I used empty gas charges/ bulbs for the legs. The chipped layers of paint are inspired by the original remains of the pipe paint. In spite of the raw, harsh, cold materials the final products create a playful, happy vibe.

 I have tried to preserve the original edges of the pipe fittings and the original ragged cut edges, thus preserving the atmosphere of the object's "previous life". The same concept was applied to the color and painting of the bowls, where possible I worked on the original by adding new layers and abrasions.

These bowls are made without waste, and the shapes of the pieces that fall off during cutting are transformed into exquisite bowls.

The plasticity of the painting is due to natural deterioration and deliberate chipping and abrasion. The solid industrial matt varnish ensures cleanability. 
Where possible, I have kept the original layers of the painting but corrected them where it was necessary.

This bowl is slightly tilted along its longitudinal axis, so we see a different shape on each side.

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